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  • Join the Zombie mod (CoD1) by xfire Call Of Duty HERE

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Tactical Force News


By Netherlands Lucius! in Clan News on Friday 20 January @ 23:45
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Root Server CRASH!
Breaking News

Root Server crashed!!!

By England Gokart in Clan News on Wednesday 04 January @ 17:57
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New Deputy Call of Duty 1

I want to give our new Deputy a warm welcome!

Netherlands Me 3vil Jack

He can recruit people and will also have the acces to add people to the Call of Duty 1 Squad.
This is also the start of the official name: Me 3vil Jack

Good Luck!

By Netherlands Lucius! in Clan News on Tuesday 03 January @ 12:40
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New Clan Starting!

Hello, welcome to the new website. We're a clan that playing on the Zombie server of Call of Duty 1. We're looking for new members and you can join us in the forums. If you like us you can join!

Netherlands Lucius!

By Netherlands Lucius! in Clan News on Sunday 01 January @ 16:02
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